Good day Thursday, Jan 8 2009 

I had a simple but a good day today. Rachel had swim lessons , so I bought a swim pass and did some laps before and after her lessons. Swimming is awesome! I felt so alive. I had lunch with a good friend and after lunch I saw the most glorious rainbow. Simple, but good day.. you can’t ask for much more.


Vienetta Sunday, Jan 4 2009 

I recently bought some Vienetta ice cream, yummy!! Does anyone remember it? It is ice cream in a mini-cake form with thin layers of crispy chocolate and ice cream. I believe it was discontinued and they brought it back for a limited time only. I have to restrain myself from stockpiling this stuff. Natalie and Rachel were so impressed, they couldn’t stop talking about how good it was.

Free Calories Thursday, Oct 16 2008 

I was reading Ashley’s blog and she said,” calories don’t count if it was eaten during a hurricane”,so I started to think when else do calories don’t count..???

1. When eaten off a child’s plate

2. When eaten off spouse’s plate

3. The free samples you get when walking around Sam’s or BJ’s

4. After a couple of beers or cocktails

5. ok Beth mentioned crumbs, crumbs definitely don’t count.

6. Also, I thought the calories consumed “while cooking” the tasting that is done to make sure your meal is just right..

If anyone else has some “rules of when calories don’t count ” let me know and I’ll add them in..

Wild Pumpkins Wednesday, Aug 20 2008 

Here is a picture of our pumpkin we grew. We have had pumpkin plants sprout up around our yard all on there own. We just left them there and so far we have grown 5 pumpkins. I think its so cool.

Cayenne Peppers Monday, Aug 18 2008 

We learned a lesson this week. Cayenne peppers and kids doesn’t mix. We’ve been growing some peppers in our garden this summer, so I let the girls go pick some. The next day Rachel decided to try one. ( oh, yes! ) Poor kid, she started screaming its burning my mouth. One large glass of ice water and one large glass of milk later the pain finally cooled down a little but then her lips started burning.  Rachel said, ” I think my lips are going to explode!” Well, finally all of that passed and all is well except bad mommy forgot to make her wash her hands. You know whats coming, we got pepper in her eyes.. twice… I guess because it is pepper oils on your skin it is hard to wash off.. It was a miserable painful night!! Needless to say, We have learned our lesson!!

Natalie’s swim meet Friday, Jul 4 2008 

Natalie is the one in the first lane with the blue and white swim cap. Natalie did so well during this meet. She even came in first in breaststroke and butterfly!

Rachel Monday, Jun 23 2008 

Rachel said her room would be much cooler if she had her own mini-fridge. Why is my four year old asking for a fridge?

My mothers day Haiku Monday, May 12 2008 

Natalie wrote me a Haiku for Mothers Day..

She is my Hero

I love her so much

She is my mother

Natalie’s First communion Sunday, Apr 20 2008 

Natalie’s Hair Sunday, Apr 20 2008 

Natalie donated 9 inches of her hair!  I”m so proud of her.  Before haircutshort hair

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