Camping Cont. Tuesday, Aug 22 2006 

So we made it to the beautiful Blueridge mountains. It was absolutely phenomenal.. We start to set up the campsite and Ben says, “Where are the tent poles?”. I forgot the tent poles..  totally typical Janice. Its kind of hard to camp without those. We had to drive down to a wal-mart a buy a new tent. Ok so now we own two tents.. The next night there was a huge rain storm and our “new tent” isnt waterproofed. The kids kept saying its raining inside… Its all a fun experience.  I will say the smores were delicious, gourmet level smores.


camping Friday, Aug 18 2006 

So we are going camping tonight and tommorrow. In the next four hours I need to pack for 4 people, clean the house, clean the car and who knows what else. The kids are soooo excited.. Rachel says since we are going to the mountains she needs “her globes”, because the mountains are cold. Natalie has already packed her toys, you know the important stuff. Wish us luck on our adventure.

blogging Thursday, Aug 17 2006 

Alright, I am going to try this out. I’ve questioned how much I want to put myself out there but its worth a try. There is so many little nothings that I always want to talk about, so why not blog about it.