Future tiger Sunday, Oct 29 2006 

This is a picture I found while I was cleaning up. Natalie drew it one day.. That’s my little tiger.



dial up Wednesday, Oct 25 2006 

Our high speed internet is messed up and I am down to dial- up. It is almost painful it is sooooooooooooooo slow……….

broken Saturday, Oct 21 2006 

Why does everything break at the exact same time? Right now, we have a broken lawn mower, ice machine and vacuum!


Honey Crisp Apples Wednesday, Oct 18 2006 

My Honey Crisp apples are in. These are the best apples you have ever eaten. They are crisp, tart and sweet all in one bite.. YUM!! I bought some today and Natalie, Rachel and Me ate 3!! I Love Honey Crisp Apples!

What the hell was I thinking?? Sunday, Oct 15 2006 

I got a haircut a week ago and in the middle of the haircut the lady says,” Do you want bangs?”. I stupidly say, “sure, why not?” WHAT? Why did I say that? I quite possibly have the worst hair in america and I get bangs on top of it. Every morning I wake up to these things going every which direction in ringlets.. The top layer of my hair curls up and then the bottom is stick straight. Thus making the perfect mullet.. AAAAHHHH!!!!

So, I guess it is time to invest in some headbands, headwraps, and even scarves….. Help….

I’m such a dork Monday, Oct 9 2006 

Ok I saw a wreath on the Garnet Hill website but it was 98 dollars. Here is my $5.00 version me and Rachel made. What do you think? christmas wreaththe garnet-hill wreath