What a week. My little girl turned 7 today.. OH my.. I can’t have a 7 year old. We threw Natalie a Halloween Pizza party. We invited our neighbors and friends, had pizza and cake and then went trick or treating. It was cool, but I knew some people that came didn’t think it was a good idea..OH well let it go.. The only problem is I’m such a pleaser and it does bother me. One person was like we need to go soon or it will be dark.. I rushed the kids out to go trick or treating and another mom says, “its not 6:00 We can’t go now.” I can’t win!! I think the kids had an o.k. time but I’m not doing it again next year. I’m exhausted. I am so drained that when the song ‘Everyone knows I’m in over my head ‘ came on the radio I started crying.