Rachel had her 3rd birthday!! Happy Birthday Rachel. We had her birthday party at chick-fil-a and it was fabolous! Her friends came and I didn’t have to do a thing. In the past I have done the parties for the kids all by myself. Weeks ahead of their birthdays I’m running the roads trying to get everything together. This time we showed up and had fun. Why haven’t I been doing this the whole time.

So, I got through that and I said after this I will focus on Christmas. Of course I can’t forget Ben’s Birthday on Dec. 18th.. (which I have done before ). Maybe I can get him a chick fil a party too. Now, I’m trying to make this a decent Christmas for my kids without spoiling them rotten. Its not always easy.. I have plans of going to an outdoor skating rink and possibly a gingerbread house. Wish us luck.. ……..