Holy Cow. We are getting old. Ben turned thirty this week. We had a good ole Louisiana party for him we made a big pot of jambalaya and beer. The neighbors came over and kids were running circles in our house.

Also we had a huge accomplishment. We now can fit two cars in our two car garage. This has never happened for us. We always have to much cr** in the garage.. wohoo ! I think Ben is happier about that than anything. Well almost anything I got Ben some Hurricanes Hockey Tickets for friday night. We are so excited to get out of the house without the kids.. Ben’s brother Mat is going, too. It should be a lot of fun.

Now we need to switch gears to plan Christmas. Rachel has almost no gifts because she is always with me and today I had to put stuff away for Natalie because she has waaaaaaaaaaayy more than Rachel. I try to be as fair as possible without being crazy about it.

Also we are making our way down south after the big day to go visit family. If anyone knows of a way to make the trip “educational” let me know. If we say its educational and explain why, Natalie’s absences will be excused. ummm???

Here’s a pic of Ben’s party with all the neighbors.