We went on a huge journey after Christmas and we are finally back.

Here are some highlights.

1. We went to Alexandria and had a late Christmas with my family. It was wonderful having the whole family together. It doesn’t happen often.

2. Went to Baton Rouge and stayed with Michelle, we went to the Chimes and Coffee Call. It was so much fun, I was laughing the whole time I was there.

3. We then went to Slidell and Covington to see all of Ben’s extended family. Very cool.

4. Went back to Starkville and we got to see some old friends and our old house. We went to eat at Strombolis which is a awesome pizza joint. Its cheap and possibly the best pizza crust and sauce I have ever have. It is just a cool atmosphere all kinds of people there. We also went to Little Dooey’s, the best bbq ANYWHERE!!

5. We also went to Jackson Tn to see a momma friend of mine, Beth. It was so nice seeing old friends.

So we drove over 2600 miles on this journey. Whew. I’ll try to get pictures up soon. We are back and I’m so excited to start this new year and trying to get back in the swing of things.