Crafty Valentine’s Day Thursday, Feb 15 2007 


I totally think I missed my calling in life. If I could find a job where I get to cut paper up I would be so happy….Here is some pics of Rachel and I trying to make some Valentines cards. (Natalie was at school so she missed arts and crafts at home.)smallcards.jpeg


Our weekend Monday, Feb 12 2007 


We went to dairy called Celebrity Dairy, its a goat farm that makes goat cheese. Every year they have an open barn right after the kids are born. We have now been 3 years running, its officially a family tradition. You get to hold a baby goat. They are so cute and cuddly, of course they don’t stay that way for long.

We also got a Nintendo Wii this weekend. I swore we wouldn’t get a game system, but we now have one. Its actually a lot of fun.

Natalie has now lost her second tooth. Her comes the tooth fairy again.

Here is Us and our little goat “Leslie”

Latest Update Saturday, Feb 10 2007 

Nothing much has been going on here and thats why I haven’t updated my blog lately but I thought its probably time to. We had another little snow and thats always fun. Natalie had off of school and we played in the snow, made a snowman and had hot chocolate. Yum.

Everyday Natalie is taking more and more after Ben it makes me laugh how much she is like him. Last weekend Ben had Natalie doing some computer programming..What?!! Thats right Natalie is doing simple programming now. Also Ben and Natalie have special shows they watch together, get this its ‘Survivorman’ and ‘How’s it’s Made’ (on the Science Channel). Every couple days Natalie says, “Can we watch How it’s Made?”.. It just kills me that I have seven year old watching shows about how they make chocolates, marbles, robots, etc.. Her class also voted her as having the most self-discpline. Trust me that is not a word that is associated with me.. but that does describe Natalie. Natalie has another loose tooth and it is hanging on by a thread so I have a feeling the tooth fairy will visit us soon.

Rachel has started going to her art class again and she loves it. They do the cutest projects. So far she has made a groundhog that pops out of its hole and a valentines basket. She has also had her first dentist appointment and did awesome.. She also got into a preschool for fall. I was so excited but I swear I called Ben and was like “Rachel was accepted into preschool.” Its like it’s college or something and Its only 2 half days a week…

I’ve been trying to do some kind of workout almost everyday. I’m very excited that I’ve worked out about 35 days in January and February. I think thats pretty good.