too funny Thursday, May 31 2007 

The other day Rachel said, ” What can I be when I go grow up?” Of course me and Ben said the stereotypical answer, “Anything you want to be.”

Rachel says, ” I think I want to be a princess.”

I say,”Well thats kind of hard to be , you have to born a princess or marry a prince.”

Rachel says, “OH, I’ll just be the queen then.”

That just killed me…


art show Thursday, May 31 2007 

Natalie had two pieces of art work displayed last month. We are so proud of our artist.
One picture is of flowers, and another is a snow day! smallartshow.jpegsmallartsnow.jpeg

I am planning on framing the flowers picture and hanging it up in our kitchen.

strawberry pickin’ Tuesday, May 22 2007 

Rachel and I went strawberry pickin’ a few weeks ago.. Yum!!dsc01940.jpg

Fearrington Village Wednesday, May 2 2007 


There is a cute little neighborhood in between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro NC. I just love going there. They have cows and little upscale shops that you can wonder around in. A few months ago we went and it was so much fun… Awesome desserts and its always nice just to have some family time.