Current Life Update:

Its summer but it is going to be a short one for us. Natalie will soon go back to school. I am so struggling trying to find a balance of being a mother and an “entertainment director”. We have such a short school break I feel like I need to do something for the kids to do everyday but I still have the basic chores and errands to run. Trying to fit everything that needs to be done in one day makes me feel like a chicken with its head cut off… I often wonder how the hell does all these other millions of mothers do it and it just makes me want to cry!!

At least we are getting out of town soon. I think Ben needs a well deserved break. He has been working like crazy for weeks on end. I’m personally looking forward to just being with my family with out all the other stuff pulling at us.. work, friends, dirty dishes, and just whatever…

Natalie has been doing swim team and it just amazes me how my child can do it.. During practice some days they do around 15 laps… There is no way I could do that many…. I decided I am going to cheer like crazy for her but I’m not going to say stupid things like swim faster… b/c Hell I couldn’t even do HALF of what she is doing… I wish I could. I guess I could try to train..

Rachel has a floaty swimsuit and she insists she wants to do swim team so bad, so me and her swim in the empty lane and “do” whatever stroke or drill the swim team is doing. I’m sure we look like fools but I rather look like an idiot than just sitting on my butt for an hour.