smwm.jpegWe just got back from Williamsburg Va. We went Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. We had a really good time. I couldn’t even tell you what my favorite things were.

1. Going to Jamestown and seeing an Indian Village and an English fort. The girls got to scrape out an Indian canoe.! They loved it.

2. I had lots of fun at Busch Gardens. I was very worried that the kids wouldn’t be able to ride things but they had tons of kiddie rides and and Natalie could even ride some of the “big” coasters.. They had lots of little shows that were lots of fun and even a beer tasting. The kids got soda to taste.

3. Water country usa was fun too. The had huge “lazy rivers” that you could float on, huge water slides and even some big rides. My favorite thing is Rachel would go on something and shake and scream in fear and then as soon as she got off the ride she would say, “Lets do that again.” Natalie was game for anything and she did some slides I wouldn’t even do.

Those are just some highlights. Its always nice getting out of town and doing things.