We got “Booed” twice this weekend. We were reading the note about what to do from the first boo and someone booed our house again. How funny is that. Natalie and Rachel loved it. They loved dropping off a bag of candy off at someone’s house and running.

We went to Diwali festival. It was awesome. We ate some yummy Indian for lunch and then we got Natalie a cool Indian skirt.

I’ve been trying to consistently work out. Its going pretty good. I feel good about it but I’m not really showing any results. I’m just hoping to get into decent shape.

Oh, my yummy honey crisp apples are back in season. They are so good but so expensive. Some places they are $2.99 LB so sometimes on apple can be $4.00. Which is absolutely crazy. Although if it gets everyone in my family to eat fruits, so thats cool.