30 Thursday, Nov 29 2007 

I’m turning 30!!


Funny Things Friday, Nov 16 2007 

Kids say the funniest things..

Rachel’s preschool class made fruit salad yesterday. Rachel says,” We made fruit salad today, but it didn’t have any salad in it , just fruit!.”

Then this morning Rachel asks me, ” Has your name always been mom?”

That was another good one.

Natalie is 8 years old. Sunday, Nov 11 2007 

Natalie turned 8 years old on November 1st. I can’t believe she is eight. It just doesn’t seem possible. We had her a spa party at an ice cream shop. The girls had there hair done, nails and a facial. It turned out wonderful.


a spidergirl, hula girl,and a flapper Sunday, Nov 11 2007 

smallhalloween.jpegA Japanese Spidergirl, hula girl and a flapper went trick or treating. We had so much fun, but I believe Ben had way more fun. He would scare kids when they came trick or treating at our house. I could even hear kids screaming from our house when we were a street away. He also started to hand out Ramen noodles to kids when we ran low on candy. Some of the kids noticed, but not all of them. I bet some parents got a good laugh when they got home.