Cajun Christmas Wednesday, Dec 19 2007 

This is me and Michelle. Natalie, Rachel and me went to Baton Rouge and Alexandria last week. It was so nice visiting everyone. We even visited the new Mike the Tiger, for all of you LSU fans. Now, we are trying to get ready for Christmas here. Hopefully it will all go well.


(Natalie took this picture)


Pinata Saturday, Dec 1 2007 

The girls and I made a tea pot pinata. It totally rocked.. We actually made it a little too strong for 4 year olds to beat it up! teapotpinata.jpeg

What I want out of my 30’s Saturday, Dec 1 2007 

So, I keep trying to figure out what I want out of my 30’s..

Be more positive

Be nicer to the people that love me.. o.k people in general ,too

Accomplish more things

Teach myself to swim ‘real strokes’

Put on makeup more

Laugh More


My friends put this big poster and balloons in my yard in the middle of the night. Isn’t it awesome?!