Education Tuesday, Feb 26 2008 

I’m trying to figure what I want out my children’s education. I’m reading different presidential hopefuls opinions on what we should do with the educational system. To tell you the truth I just don’t know.. Do we need free preschool for everyone? Do we want free preschool? Should preschool be mandated?
How are my kids going to be competitive in a global economy? What skills and knowledge should they possess?  How can I make that kind of knowledge accessible.
Ok, so maybe I’m thinking about this way to much for a boring Monday night.. but I just wanted to put it out there.


We have the flu!! Friday, Feb 22 2008 

Natalie came down with the flu on Tuesday.. She had a really high fever for 3 days.. Today,( Friday) We sent her back to school and Rachel woke up with a fever.. Round Two! I’ve been stuck in this house all week with sick kids and now I have a few more days to go. I can’t wait to get out!

I also can’t wait til Spring time.. I’m so looking forward to walks to parks and just plain being outside. I don’t know if we will do a garden this year though. There is a drought here so I don’t know if I will be able to water the plants if I put them in the ground.

Rachel Quotes Monday, Feb 11 2008 

The other week at church babies were getting baptized. I whispered to the girls, look the babies are getting baptized. Isn’t that cool.
After it is was over Rachel says, ” Those babies are hypnotized now?” Oh that Rocks! Way to funny.