Wild Pumpkins Wednesday, Aug 20 2008 

Here is a picture of our pumpkin we grew. We have had pumpkin plants sprout up around our yard all on there own. We just left them there and so far we have grown 5 pumpkins. I think its so cool.


Cayenne Peppers Monday, Aug 18 2008 

We learned a lesson this week. Cayenne peppers and kids doesn’t mix. We’ve been growing some peppers in our garden this summer, so I let the girls go pick some. The next day Rachel decided to try one. ( oh, yes! ) Poor kid, she started screaming its burning my mouth. One large glass of ice water and one large glass of milk later the pain finally cooled down a little but then her lips started burning.  Rachel said, ” I think my lips are going to explode!” Well, finally all of that passed and all is well except bad mommy forgot to make her wash her hands. You know whats coming, we got pepper in her eyes.. twice… I guess because it is pepper oils on your skin it is hard to wash off.. It was a miserable painful night!! Needless to say, We have learned our lesson!!