Cayenne Peppers Monday, Aug 18 2008 

We learned a lesson this week. Cayenne peppers and kids doesn’t mix. We’ve been growing some peppers in our garden this summer, so I let the girls go pick some. The next day Rachel decided to try one. ( oh, yes! ) Poor kid, she started screaming its burning my mouth. One large glass of ice water and one large glass of milk later the pain finally cooled down a little but then her lips started burning.  Rachel said, ” I think my lips are going to explode!” Well, finally all of that passed and all is well except bad mommy forgot to make her wash her hands. You know whats coming, we got pepper in her eyes.. twice… I guess because it is pepper oils on your skin it is hard to wash off.. It was a miserable painful night!! Needless to say, We have learned our lesson!!


Little Dooey’s Tuesday, Mar 25 2008 

We went to Little Dooey’s… We miss Little Dooey’s so much! For those who don’t know, Starkville Mississippi has the absolutely best BBQ in the world! When we lived in Starkville, anytime people would come to visit we would take them to Little Dooey’s , of course they would be hooked.. They would come back just to eat at Little Dooey’s.

Well good for us someone has opened a franchise of it, a little outside of Charlotte. Yeah… North Carolina!! So this weekend we went to go try and it tasted just like it. It was a little weird eating Dooey’s off of china instead of red plastic trays, but it was awesome!


Michelle’s visit Wednesday, Sep 5 2007 

Michelle came to visit this past weekend. It was so nice to have a friend come visit that you can talk to for hours. We even went and had manicures and pedicures. What a treat! We went to Duke Gardens which is absolutely beautiful. Here is a pic of her and Ben during our picnic there.
I can’t wait til I go visit her and my family in December.


Fearrington Village Wednesday, May 2 2007 


There is a cute little neighborhood in between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro NC. I just love going there. They have cows and little upscale shops that you can wonder around in. A few months ago we went and it was so much fun… Awesome desserts and its always nice just to have some family time.


Fortune cookie Tuesday, Dec 26 2006 

We went to PF Changs the other night and both my girls got the best fortunes ever..

Natalie’s fortune was, “You long to see the pyramids of Egypt.”

Rachel’s was , “You will travel far and wide.”

Aren’t those fortunes awesome.. Maybe they will travel together. 🙂

Ben’s 30 Thursday, Dec 21 2006 

Holy Cow. We are getting old. Ben turned thirty this week. We had a good ole Louisiana party for him we made a big pot of jambalaya and beer. The neighbors came over and kids were running circles in our house.

Also we had a huge accomplishment. We now can fit two cars in our two car garage. This has never happened for us. We always have to much cr** in the garage.. wohoo ! I think Ben is happier about that than anything. Well almost anything I got Ben some Hurricanes Hockey Tickets for friday night. We are so excited to get out of the house without the kids.. Ben’s brother Mat is going, too. It should be a lot of fun.

Now we need to switch gears to plan Christmas. Rachel has almost no gifts because she is always with me and today I had to put stuff away for Natalie because she has waaaaaaaaaaayy more than Rachel. I try to be as fair as possible without being crazy about it.

Also we are making our way down south after the big day to go visit family. If anyone knows of a way to make the trip “educational” let me know. If we say its educational and explain why, Natalie’s absences will be excused. ummm???

Here’s a pic of Ben’s party with all the neighbors.

Gingerbread House Tuesday, Dec 12 2006 

Gingerbread house

We made our little gingerbread house, this year we bought one that was already assembled. I totally recommend that. The kids had a blast with putting all the candy on.

My Rachel Ray Tuesday, Nov 14 2006 

This is a picture of Rachel making Boot’s Monkey Bread. YUM!


Rambling Thursday, Nov 9 2006 

Where do I start.. I love being in North Carolina in the fall. The leaves are beautiful. I will say it doesn’t last long though. One day a tree with be magnificent and the next day it is completely bare.

This weekend we went to the international festival in Raleigh. It was so cool. They have booths set up with the diffrent nationalities of food. They had Italian, Japanese, Napali, Dutch, Iranian, Indian, Polish and tons of others. We ended up eating Iranian and Japanese. The kids wanted “noodles”. Then on a big stage they had entertainment based on diffirent cultures, belly dancing etc… It was really neat. For dessert we ended up getting these donuts called Ollie Bollen, Loosely translated to grease balls. Rachel said, “Yum, I like these, it has butter in it. ” Ha..