me as the Easter bunny Wednesday, Mar 26 2008 



Little Dooey’s Tuesday, Mar 25 2008 

We went to Little Dooey’s… We miss Little Dooey’s so much! For those who don’t know, Starkville Mississippi has the absolutely best BBQ in the world! When we lived in Starkville, anytime people would come to visit we would take them to Little Dooey’s , of course they would be hooked.. They would come back just to eat at Little Dooey’s.

Well good for us someone has opened a franchise of it, a little outside of Charlotte. Yeah… North Carolina!! So this weekend we went to go try and it tasted just like it. It was a little weird eating Dooey’s off of china instead of red plastic trays, but it was awesome!


Education Tuesday, Feb 26 2008 

I’m trying to figure what I want out my children’s education. I’m reading different presidential hopefuls opinions on what we should do with the educational system. To tell you the truth I just don’t know.. Do we need free preschool for everyone? Do we want free preschool? Should preschool be mandated?
How are my kids going to be competitive in a global economy? What skills and knowledge should they possess?  How can I make that kind of knowledge accessible.
Ok, so maybe I’m thinking about this way to much for a boring Monday night.. but I just wanted to put it out there.

We have the flu!! Friday, Feb 22 2008 

Natalie came down with the flu on Tuesday.. She had a really high fever for 3 days.. Today,( Friday) We sent her back to school and Rachel woke up with a fever.. Round Two! I’ve been stuck in this house all week with sick kids and now I have a few more days to go. I can’t wait to get out!

I also can’t wait til Spring time.. I’m so looking forward to walks to parks and just plain being outside. I don’t know if we will do a garden this year though. There is a drought here so I don’t know if I will be able to water the plants if I put them in the ground.

Rachel Quotes Monday, Feb 11 2008 

The other week at church babies were getting baptized. I whispered to the girls, look the babies are getting baptized. Isn’t that cool.
After it is was over Rachel says, ” Those babies are hypnotized now?” Oh that Rocks! Way to funny.

Snow Saturday, Jan 19 2008 

Is it going to Snow here?

New years.. Sunday, Jan 13 2008 

I always have the same new years resolutions. Get healthy… (aka lose a few pounds) , Be a nicer mom, and actually try to keep my house somewhat tidy.

Since the girls went back to school I’ve done pretty good about working out. I’m one of those crazy people who like working out. I’m always in a better mood if I get to exercise. Its so bad Rachel says,” lets go to the happy gym because it makes momma happy. ” I never really see any physical results but I know its good for me.

Now the tidy house is another story. I hate cleaning. Can I say that again I H-A-T-E cleaning! Although, I know if I keep the house somewhat straight and tidy that it makes life for my family so much more peaceful..

So wish me luck with all this stuff…

I washed my cellphone Sunday, Jan 13 2008 

I washed and “dried” my cellphone the other day.. The poor thing went through a complete cycle of laundry and SURVIVED!! Although I think it sounds like I’m talking into a tunnel. I’m still amazed it made it.

Cajun Christmas Wednesday, Dec 19 2007 

This is me and Michelle. Natalie, Rachel and me went to Baton Rouge and Alexandria last week. It was so nice visiting everyone. We even visited the new Mike the Tiger, for all of you LSU fans. Now, we are trying to get ready for Christmas here. Hopefully it will all go well.


(Natalie took this picture)

Pinata Saturday, Dec 1 2007 

The girls and I made a tea pot pinata. It totally rocked.. We actually made it a little too strong for 4 year olds to beat it up! teapotpinata.jpeg

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